Organisational Skills

Having an organised learning and study space, developing good study habits and revision strategies, and effectively managing time, are important ways to improve learning and reduce stress. I can assist with strategies and techniques to get and stay organised with your learning.


Literacy is a foundational building block for successful life-long learning, The ability to read and write with confidence underpins all learning. I can assist early learners to build confidence and skills using engaging activities, games and play. I enjoy guiding students in developing their reading and literacy skills and encouraging them with personalised, heart-driven, play-based learning methods.

Digital & Information Fluency

Technology competency is a critical skill for learning and employment. Knowing how to use the internet and research databases effectively to source, gather and evaluate information is a valuable and empowering skill set to have. I can help develop these skills and assist students of all ages to feel confident that they are finding and using the most appropriate resources and information.


Understanding numbers and mathematical concepts in the early years of school can sometimes be a struggle. I can make mathematics fun and build confidence and skills in numeracy using engaging activities, games and play. I'm also able to recommend tools, apps and activities that will help young children engage with mathematics.

Study & Research Skills

Knowing how to do effective research, take notes, and acknowledge and record sources using appropriate citation and referencing, are all critical skills for success at school and university. I can assist students with these important skills and suggest appropriate tools to streamline these activities.


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